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Bite Size Standards

Bite Size Standards offers concise web development tutorials, tips, and tricks written by designers and developers who are passionate about web standards. More about us

About Bite Size Standards

Bite Size Standards was conceived by John Oxton in 2005. Busy web designers don't always have time to read or write lengthy tutorials, but a daily “bite” of useful information, taken or given, could be good for the soul.


Bite Size Standards is currently run by the following folks:

Editor in Chief

Andrea Schwandt-Arbogast

Technical Editors

Proof Editor


Early in 2006 John gathered a small team of experts who—with little to no help from John—brought this multi-author blogging experiment to life.

  • The talented Kev Adamson created the tasty Bite Size logo.
  • Prabhath Sirisena, our designer, artfully eliminated everything that wasn't needed, and presented us with this fittingly minimalist design.
  • Andrea Schwandt-Arbogast wrangled Textpattern, beat it into submission, and forced it to do our will.
  • James John Malcolm was the CSS guy. In the morning he worked with Prabhath to fashion a PixelPerfect™ design, during the day Ann came round to mash some accessibility into it, and in the evening he worked with Andrea to pummel Textpattern where it needed pummeling.
  • Ann was on hand to help James and Andrea turn the PixelPerfect™ design into a site that's as accessible as possible, without compromising the sexy look and feel.
  • Andrew Disley was our motivational speaker, offering opinions across the board. He claims his hands were not dirtied during the making of this website.

John would like to say a huge “Thank you!” to this group of exceptional people for the extraordinary amount of time and effort they have contributed to the creation and ongoing success of this site—in their spare time and all for free.

© Copyright 2006 Bite Size Standards and Authors