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Become a Bite Size Standards author

Andrea Arbogast | 18 December 2006

A quick announcement to point out that we are now accepting article submissions. Details can be found in the Contribute section.

About the Author

I am a web developer now living in Beijing, China. My day job is turning graphic design into standards compatible pages, service for Yahoo! China. In my spare time I blog about web standards, translate some English article into Chinese, promote web standards in China.

Articles by Andrea Arbogast


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  1. Derek AllardDerek Allard�s site :

    18 December 2006, 22:09 : Permanent link to comment

    Do you have guidelines about where else an author could re-publish an article they’ve written here?

    For example, could I also post it on my blog if I provided a “this article originally appeared at BSS...” type of statement?

  2. Andrea ArbogastAndrea Arbogast�s site :

    18 December 2006, 22:43 : Permanent link to comment

    Hi Derek,

    Good point— we need to add copyright and permission information to the Contribute section.

    The information will essentially be the same as what is used at Digital Web, which allows authors to republish their articles on their blogs or portfolio sites.

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