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Bite Size Standards relaunches

John Oxton | 16 December 2006

The simple fact is this is a resource I want to read and, time allowing, contribute to. Work and family commitments meant, however, that the day-to-day running of BSS and the huge task of editing was not something I had time for, and so BSS seemed dead in the water after only a few short weeks.

A lot of people have mailed or commented that they didn’t want to see this idea die, so when Andrea Schwandt-Arbogast proposed a solution for getting things rolling again, I was more than happy to hand over the editorship to her.

So this is BSS 2.0 beta, and whilst I will continue to host the site and be actively involved as and when I can, this is Andrea’s baby and I wish her all the best in moving things forward.

About the Author

John Oxton is a web developer based in the Cotswolds (UK), a distinctly Hobbition-like part of the world. He began designing and developing websites in 1999. In 2006 he co-authored Blog Design Solutions, a Friends of Ed book about, well, solutions to designing blogs.

Though often found trying to distance himself from it, there seems to be no escaping the fact that is his foul-mouthed mess and no one else’s. If asked by a potential client, though, he officially blogs at which he will get around to finishing one day soon-ish.

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  1. Jack SleightJack Sleight�s site :

    15 December 2006, 20:06 : Permanent link to comment

    Hey John, that’s great. Just one thing, the link to the BSS RSS feed ( seems to go to the feed rather than the BSS one.

  2. Carlos EduardoCarlos Eduardo�s site :

    15 December 2006, 20:44 : Permanent link to comment

    I don’t want to see this project die, too =)

  3. AndreaAndrea�s site :

    15 December 2006, 21:52 : Permanent link to comment

    BSS RSS feed seems to go to the feed rather than the BSS one.

    This should be resolving itself soon, thanks for your patience!

  4. YannickYannick�s site :

    15 December 2006, 22:15 : Permanent link to comment

    Good to see things getting back up and running John and Andrea. Just want to say all the best Andrea. Looking forward for things to come.

  5. Michael GrinsteadMichael Grinstead�s site :

    15 December 2006, 23:37 : Permanent link to comment

    Great news, good luck Andrea & John.

  6. Andrew GimberAndrew Gimber�s site :

    18 December 2006, 06:00 : Permanent link to comment

    That’s great news! Looking forward to some new articles…

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