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Bite Size Standards

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Contribute to Bite Size Standards

You—yes you—can be a Bite Size Standards author. You just need to follow the style guide and make it through the gauntlet of technical editors, who will review your article for accuracy and appropriateness.

Here's the Process:

  1. Read the style guide. Then, read the style guide again. Any article that doesn't follow it will be sent back without explanation.
  2. Write an article, and mark it up with valid HTML 4.01.
  3. Save the file with an .html extension. If you have images or example files to accompany the article, zip all the article files together into one archive.
  4. Submit your article files using the submission form. If this is the first time you are submitting an article to us, please make sure to include an author blurb.
  5. The Editor will verify that the style guide was followed and that the subject is appropriate for BSS. If so, the article will be passed on to the technical editors.
  6. Technical editors will review the article's content, and accept or reject the article. Rejected articles will be sent back to the author with comments. Accepted articles will be passed on to proof editors.
  7. Proof editors will make sure your writing is understandable and grammatically correct.
  8. Your article will then be published. We expect the process to take 1-2 weeks from submission to publication, providing that no major edits are needed.

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